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What is an Oblate?

Oblates are Christian adults who are formally affiliated with the Benedictine monastic family in order to seek God more intentionally.

They are women and men, married or single, who, in their own way of life, with their ordinary family and social duties, find support and ongoing growth in holiness through spiritual association with a particular monastic community.

Oblates are strengthened by affiliation with a vowed monastic community in worship, reverence, humility, universal love, and stability of purpose, incorporating the spirit of the Rule of St. Benedict and adapting monastic practices to their chosen way of life. Increasing their vital participation in the life of their own faith community, they offer themselves (the meaning of the word oblate) for the service of God and neighbor by word and example. No specific additional prayers, practices, or devotions are required of them although having a personal prayer practice is essential to the monastic value of mindfulness of God and unceasing prayer.

Oblates are not vowed members of the Benedictine Order, nor are they a Third Order in the Church. They are committed by their oblation to a particular monastic community and seek to adopt its spirit and share its charism. In some places, Oblates also help with the ministries of the community. If they live near a Benedictine monastery they are most welcome to join the community for liturgy and attend Oblate meetings.