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The Oblation Process

Please Note: Each oblate chapter operates under the guidance of their own Oblate Director. The following process may be different from how the actual chapter operates regarding the formation process. For more information, contact the Oblate Director for the respective chapter.

We invite those experiencing an inner call to the Oblate way of life to enter into a two-stage period of introduction and discernment: as inquirers for about six months and as candidates for one year. Inquirers or candidates may extend that time or drop out if they do not feel called to proceed further. Newcomers meet with the oblate director and may begin their inquiry at any time during the year.

The 'oblate references' section contains a short list of commentaries on the Rule of Benedict available in our Oblate library. Inquirers should read at least one of these commentaries on the Rule or ask the director to suggest another. They also receive a folder* with ten conferences on the Rule, which they can use as a resource that they will explore more intensively in the candidate year.

After attending meetings for six months, during which time inquirers come to know the group members and get a feel for the Oblate way of life, an inquirer may ask to be enrolled as a candidate.

*The contents of the folder can be downloaded as a PDF document ("Benedictine Spirituality - Introductory Conferences").