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Clyde Oblate News


Oblates affiliated with our Clyde monastery gather three times a year for a long weekend of spiritual input and sharing, renewing friendships, and feeling the support of community. They arrive by 5 p.m. on Friday and leave after the noon meal on Sunday.

The participants follow the community schedule for the Liturgy of the Hours and Eucharist, have several presentations on monastic practices or the Rule of  St. Benedict, enjoy time for reading, walking, resting, personal prayer and visiting among themselves.

There is an annual Oblate Retreat weekend in the fall. At this time new Candidates are formally received, those completing their year of formation make their oblation and all the Oblates present renew their oblation together. These ceremonies are held in the context of the community's noon prayer on Sunday. A closing meal with the Sisters follows before the Oblates' and Candidates' departure.

Persons interested in discerning an Oblate vocation are welcome to attend these meetings. Due to limited rooms available (12), early registration is a must. A freewill offering from the participants is gratefully accepted .


Write or e-mail the Clyde Oblate Director for information. If you live too far from the Clyde monastery to attend at least one meeting per year, the Director will refer you to a monastery closer to your location.

  • Come to Clyde for a personal interview.
  • Attend one of the Oblate meetings and meet other Oblates. They will gladly share their stories with you and help you verbalize what you are looking for.
  • Learn about the Clyde monastery and our Congregation, its charisms and ministries.
  • If accepted, enter upon the year of discernment with the Oblate Director.
  • Pray, study, read books chosen for beginners, learn appropriate monastic practices and how you might concretize them in your daily living.
  • Together with the Director, discern your readiness for making a commitment as an Oblate of the Clyde monastery.

A ceremony of commitment is conducted when the director and candidate discern readiness for oblation. The ceremony is held in the presence of the monastic community or locally with several witnesses to share the Oblate's joy. A Certificate of Oblation is given at this time along with the Oblate emblem of our Congregation.

The oblation is not a vow but a firm resolve, accepted and confirmed in a sacred ritual. There are no dues and no penalties for withdrawing if an Oblate, after prayer and discernment, decides to discontinue association with the monastery or to transfer the commitment to another monastery. In our mobile society this is sometimes necessary for those who wish to stay with a meeting group of Oblates.


All Christians can be Oblates and engage in spiritually based prayer, practice prayerful reading, seek contemplative union with God and expend themselves lovingly for others. Anyone can practice this way of spirituality that is essentially the same as taught by St. Benedict over 1,500 years ago.

Monasticism is a way of life in which the desire and search for God is all-important. Its spirituality is a process of transformation into Christ through self-emptying in order to be totally available to God. As such, it is not necessarily tied to any single belief system.

Since it predates the separation of the Christian churches, monasticism forms an ideal basis for ecumenism in today's world. The main forces transcending all our differences are the love of God, of Sacred Scripture and prayer and our genuine love and concern for one another.

For more information contact:

Sister Sarah Schwartzberg - Congregational Oblate Director
Phone: (660) 944-2221