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The Oblation Process

Before enrollment the inquirer writes a paragraph or so stating why they seek to become an Oblate candidate, and what in their faith journey has drawn them to Benedictine spirituality and this particular group. What are their hopes and expectations?

This statement is private and stays in the director's files. It helps the one writing to focus attention on their deeper reasons for exploring the Oblate way of life, and helps the director to know the candidate.

At the December and May renewal days Oblates gather with the monastic community for their midday prayer in Chapel. At this time new candidates are formally enrolled, receiving a medal of St. Benedict and a copy of the Rule of Benedict. Candidates then spend 12 months of guided study of the Rule at greater depth. Each candidate receives a mentor - an oblate with some experience - as a companion during this year.

This mentor meets with the candidate at least four times during the candidate year, to help with lesson material if need be, suggest reading, and answer questions about Oblate life. The mentor and director will discern with the candidate concerning readiness for oblation at the end of the year.

Candidates come for a formation session at 1:30 p.m., before each of the regular meetings. There, with a leader, they share their reflections and questions based on the assigned lesson from the folder. It is important to be at all meetings during this year, so if you have to miss a meeting, check with your mentor to see how you can make up the missed lesson.

Inquiry Oblation