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    • CommentTimeApr 10th 2008
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    I ask Michael LoPiccolo for a Bio, for all those who enjoy the Rule & Reflections
    Spiritual Background? Journey...
    Why do you became a Benedictine Oblate?
    How long you have been an Oblate?
    Where do you Get your inspiration for your reflections?
    What is is your favorite part of the Holy Rule.
    What would you say to a novice or inquiring oblate?

    Dear Mike,

    As it happens, today's post should go a long way to answering many of your questions.
    *** This comes under the heading of "Better Late Than Never". In an effort for total disclosure I confess that my early Formation (and thus my thinking, writing, and spiritual practices) were heavily influenced by St. John of the Cross, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Benedict and his incomparable Holy Rule, St. Louis deMontfort, Father Carmel O'Shea, O. Carm. (Ireland), Father Howard Rafferty, O. Carm. (USA), Father Anselm O. Carm. (Aylesford in the UK), and Father Gabriel of St Mary Magdalen OCD. Later, by Father Donald Raila O.S.B. and Brother Jerome Leo O.S.B and much later by Father J.P. deCaussade S.J.. Any iota of help or inspiration found in my letters is but a dim reflection of THEIR brilliance, inspired by Almighty God, and most certainly not my own. Let us all offer a Deo Gratias! for them! ***

    I fell in love with St. Benedict in the early 70's and although I practiced the requirements of the Holy Rule I did not officially become an Oblate until a few years ago.

    I am currently a Mentor for Oblates, Oblates Novices and Oblate Candidates and I am affiliated with St. Vincent's Archabbey in Latrobe, PA..

    I must confess that I love every jot and tittle of the Holy Rule. There is just so much to it that it never grows stale. If you pin me down I must say I believe the Prologue is a very special part of it.

    I am also an isolate Carmelite tertiary (35 or so years) and before that was a Master of Formation for Tertiaries.

    My advice to those who feel a call to Benedictine Spirituality is to pray for discernment and not to let doubts of others dissuade them. Above all they should pray, study the Rule and immerse themselves in it, and abandon themselves to the Will of Almighty God. He will handle the rest!

    Love and Prayers.....michael